Exercise Physiology

Joel Wearn (ESSAM, AES, AEP)
Exercise Physiologist


Hope Island Medical Centre is pleased to offer the services of our resident exercise physiologist Joel Wearn.

Helping you to improve your health and maximise your potential


Research has shown how  effective physical activity can be when used in the treatment of chronic conditions.  An effective exercise program incorporates a number of activities which work on improving aerobic fitness - your ability to perform exercises without running out of breath, flexibility or range of pain free movement, strength exercises and balance activities.  Some or all of these activities can be utilised to inhibit impact of disease, elevate mood, improve current physical limitations and help you achieve your physical goals.  If your GP has recommended exercise, Deb's programs are practical and es[eically designed for you.  More importantly, they incorporate the activities you like to do.


To arrange an appointment please telephone 5580 6677
  • Services to improve the lives of patients with asthma, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes and heart conditions.

  • Physical conditioning

  • Sports injury rehabilitation

  • Weight Loss Programs & Obesity Management

  • Specialised services for back pain

  • Hydrotherapy Programs

  • Healthy ageing Programs

  • Walking Club and personal training

  • Induvidualised Fitness Sessions

Joel Wearn
Protect Exervise Physiologist

Graduating from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Post Graduate studies in Clinical Exercise Physiology, Joel has over 7 years experience in exercise prescription with significant exposure to respiratory, chronic pain, post-surgery and diabetic patient groups.