Hearing Tests

Causes of Hearing Loss
  • was born prematurely

  • stayed in the neonatal intensive care unit

  • had high bilirubin requiring a transfusion

  • was given medications that can lead to hearing loss

  • has a family history of childhood hearing loss

  • had complications at birth

  • had frequent ear infections; had infections such as meningitis or cytomegalovirus

  • exposed to very loud sounds or noises even of brief duration

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Our goal at Entire Hearing Care is to provide you with the clearest, most natural hearing possible based on your individual needs and budget. Vaughan Grigor has over 20 years of experience, bringing with him the latest in digital hearing technology. Whether it's the world's smallest deep canal hearing aid or the most sophisticated communication system, we have a customised solution that's just right for you.

Contracted to the Office of Hearing Services and able to service
Veterans Affairs patients, pensioners and private clients, Entire Hearing Care are able to offer the full range of hearing services.

Vaughan Grigor, Clinical Audiometrist(Provider # QP2183711B) visits Homeworld Helensvale Medical Centre every Tuesday afternoon. He is able to perform comprehensive hearing tests on all adult patients.